m68k-atari-mint-ldg - The LDG library for Atari MiNT

License: LGPLv2+
LDG stands in french for Librairies  Dynamiques GEM or in english  GEM
Dynamical Libraries. It is a protocol allowing GEM application to load
and share libraries (or plugin if you prefer).  The goal of LDG is  to
provide some  usefull  functions  to the  GEM  applications  like  the
WinDeath DDL. These libraries are dynamicals i.e. they are loaded when
the application  need it  and  unloaded when  they are  unused.  These
libraries may  be shared  with severals  clients. Libraries  can  have
special right such as unshareable,  memory resident or locked. The LDG
works with all TOS-compatible  computers and TOS-compatible OS such as
MagiC, Geneva or  MiNT with singletasking or multitasking systems too.


m68k-atari-mint-ldg-2.33-2.20131104svn.fc21.src [143 KiB] Changelog by Dan Horák (2014-05-14):
- updated to 20131104 snapshot

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