m68k-atari-mint-mintlib - Necessary files from the MiNTLib

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License: LGPL+
This package allows to use the MiNTLib libraries for cross-compiling.
Of course you also need to install adequate cross tools like cross
linker, cross assembler and not to forget a cross compiler. Both the
binutils (linker and assembler) and the cross compiler (preferably
gcc) can be built for the target mint with the native compiler on
the cross platform.

This package itself contains only docs.  The headers are contained in
the package mintlib-devel.  So are the standard static libraries.
You have to install both the libraries and the headers before you
start to build the cross compiler (unless the cross compiler is also
available as binary rpm).


m68k-atari-mint-mintlib-0.60.1-1.20140312cvs.fc21.noarch [1.2 MiB] Changelog by Dan Horák (2014-05-14):
- updated to 20140312 snapshot

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