xtrkcad - CAD program for designing Model Railroad layouts

License: GPLv2+
XTrackCAD is a CAD program for designing Model Railroad layouts.
XTrackCAD supports any scale, has libraries of popular brands of x
turnouts and sectional track (plus you add your own easily), can
automatically use spiral transition curves when joining track
and has extensive on-line help and demonstrations.
XTrackCad lets you manipulate track much like you would with actual
flex-track to modify, extend and join tracks and turnouts.
Additional features include tunnels, 'post-it' notes, on-screen
ruler, parts list, 99 drawing layers, undo/redo commands,
benchwork, 'Print to BitMap', elevations, train simulation and
car inventory.


xtrkcad-4.2.0-0.2.beta1.fc21.i686 [1.9 MiB] Changelog by Dan Horák (2014-04-27):
- fix FTBFS with -Werror=format-security

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